Sunday, 20 October 2013

Zimmerman Clobber

The men in Berlin often sport some natty sartorial effects. The bandana tied around the neck is popular, leather pants and vests common (and not related to motorcycle wearing) and the suede vest with intricate silver buttons and chains is seen so regularly I thought the style might be part of a club.

The sartorial choices of these men is the uniform of the Zimmermann; an occupational surname. As with many things German there is the richtig clothes/tool/training for the job. Zimmermann have a long history and are men who have completed full training in carpentry which allows them to “travel” between jobs rather than being apprenticed or employed in one field. This freedom is well respected and their quaint (to my eyes) working clobber is worn with honour. They have a bit of the the Cockney about them! The leather/corduroy options now come in forest greens and flouro colours. Here's a contemporary version.

And this lad is just strolling across Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Pete spent a fruitful hour at our local clothing outfitters buying the overalls worn by a Schreiner or Tischler, in English a (wood) Joiner, or those who work with timber. Although there is some opinion that a window maker should be a Glasser (worker with glass). Even in Germany the trades are becoming simplified. Note the steel capped runners and contented expression from a man who loves his overalls.

I think Joseph Beuys' 'uniform' has a touch of the Zimmermann about it. Practical, no fuss and sturdy. Or perhaps he's a fan of fly fishing. Wass denks du?
Excellent collections of Beuys' work in the Stuttgartgalerie and Modern Museum, Munich. It is good to see the materiality and muck of his work not conveyed in photographs. The vitrines are amazing. 

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