Friday, 4 October 2013

A surprise in the book case


Excellent exhibition at the Bauhaus Archiv entitled Poetry & Industry Barbara Schmidt Porcelain Design.
Am annoyed that exhibition photography ist verbotten in most museums I visit. At least my sketching is getting a work out and thanks to the web for the images in this blog.

However, am thankful to our Berlin hosts for their sun filled apartment and their first class book collection. Discovered German sculpture Thomas Weber's wonderful earthenware coiled sculptures in a Deutscher Bank catalogue over a lazy coffee this morning while we rested our museum-weary legs. 

Also found this footage of Thomas Weber fashion collaboration with Justyna Koeke earlier this year. They are marvellous costumes and  a generous nod to Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet costumes with all their minimal lines, block colour and restricted movement.

This coloured image is thanks to the web, but saw them in Stuttgart Staadtsgalerie. Magnificent costumes from 1916. These aren't my favourites but .... fotos verbotten!

And lastly, 
Hugo also enjoyed the morning with his newly purchased lego. 
Bliss for us both.


  1. far out - are you guys on holiday or pack it in camp?? sounds like you are definitely getting around and having a great time. I'm sure you have heard but Dave is still pretty happy after the grand final and I'm pretty happy school goes back tomorrow. Had a nice w/e away in mildy but everyone ready to get back to routine. Hope you can keep up the pace - seeya, Cath & Co xx

    1. Yep, we've been going out most days. The boys mutinied yesterday and refused to leave the apartment. We phaffed on the coach for most of the day. Hawthorn as premiers again; how tedious. We watched the GF on the computer (scores only) for the last 10 minutes as we ate breaky. Not at all exciting. Cheerio from Robyn and the fellas

  2. Hi there Rob! Having holiday envy and sounds like you're making the most of it.
    The places you're staying are fabulous!
    Lots of love to all. Ronii. Xx



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