Sunday, 6 September 2015

Brendan Huntley Figuratively Speaking

Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne. September 2015

Huntley continues to use thrown vessels as the structural form of his sculptural assemblage. Expression of the human head and torso have been gathered together in communicative groups.
The exhibition experience is retro-flight into abstract expressionism and channeling the accomplished and masculine ceramics of Peter Voulkos.

In this exhibition, Huntley's work lacks the fluid transition between the rigid symmetrical "pot-ness" of the wheel and the engagement of the hand-worked sculptural form. The increase in scale of these works may have contributed to his ability to maintain control of the ceramic form. His deliberate naive or beginner touch is the delight and success of earlier smaller works I have seen.  Colour, texture and brush work is lively and engagement motif across all of the work.

Brendan Huntley installation shot of 'Figuratively Speaking' 2015

Peter Voulkos 'Stack' 1955
Peter Voulkos's conversations, figuratively speaking c, 1950s

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