Thursday, 21 July 2016

Contemporary artists inspired by the principles of wabi-sabi.

Group show exploring the imperfect and transient

John Brooks, Tara Burke, Rachael McCallum, Belinda Evans, Luke Maninov Hammond, Niamh Minogue, Zhu Ohmu, Yoko Ozawa, Robyn Phelan, Elise Sheehan, Cassandra Smith, Charlotte Watson & Gina Rockenwagner 

Curated by Sophia Cai & Caitlin Shearer

Tinning Street Presents
14 July 2016

Floor talk: Sophia Cai, Caitlin Shearer, Zhu Ohmu, Luke Maninov Hammond, Robyn Phelan
Niamh Minogue She's All That (1999)
Belinda Evans Tidal Detritus of Apollo Bay 1 & 2
Charlotte Watson Kusari doi 1,2,3
Luke Maninov Hammond jewellery installation
Installation Unbearable Promise of the Rainshadow Robyn Phelan
Faith, stoneware clay & glaze, rainwater
Cloud Dreaming Game
Detail Unbearable Promise of the Rain Cloud

NGV Porcelain - SO - IL Viewing China

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