Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Cooked – a group show of contemporary ceramics

Andrei Davidoff, Dawn Vachon, Grace Brown, Kenny Pittock, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Susan Robey and Tai Snaith. 

Lamington Drive
55 Budd Street Collingwood

3-19 August 2017

Curated in collaboration with artist Jane Sawyer, director of Slow Clay Centre.
Dawn Vachon, Bow Tie, 2017
Mechelle Bounpraseuth,  Yeo's Chysanthamum Tea, Built in Ashtray, Extra Wrapper & Gum, 2017

Grace Brown, Untitled, 2017

Grace Brown, Untitled, 2017

Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Vase, Framing, Right Angles,  2017

Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Pedestal, Blue Brushstrokes, 2017

Kenny Pittock, Every hotdog has its day, 2017

Lamington Drive facade

Thursday, 3 August 2017

In Common

Chela Edmunds + Abbey Rich
Elizabeth Barnett + Katia Carletti
Bianca Mavrick + Louise Meuwissen
Tessy King + Samantha O'Farrell
Kirsten Perry + Merryn Lloyd
Ashley Ronning + Rosaleen Ryan
Cheralyn Lim + Georgina Glanville

3 - 12 August 2017

Guild of Objects
690 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

Each of these artist  pairs have interpreted the collaboration paremetre differently. It is always exciting to look at collaboratively made objects and to try and decipher where the two makers appear separately and where practice and aesthetic begins to meld and flow.

In Common is part of Craft Cubed Festival with the theme of 'Crafting Communities'

Elizabeth Barnett + Katia Carletti

Tessy King + Sam O'Farrell

Kirsten Perry + Merryn Lloyd 

Chela Edmunds + Abby Rich

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

2017 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award at SAM

Featuring shortlisted artist:

Congratulations to Jenny Orchard for winning the major $50,000 acquisitive prize for her work, The Imagined Possibility of Unity (2017). She populated her gallery with such wonderfully eccentric beings. See the expose of images following.

The 2017 Award was judged by Jacqueline Doughty, Curatorial Manager, The Ian Potter Museum of Art, The University of Melbourne; Jason Smith, Director, Geelong Art Gallery; and Dr Rebecca Coates, Director, Shepparton Art Museum.

Saturday 17 June to Sunday 13 August 2017

Fun road trip to SAM for the artist talks and the announcement. This prize is going from strength to strength. Selection of four Australian artists whose proposals best explored how the ceramic process can be used to flesh-out a conceptual concern. With a stipend of $2000 (I believe) and a gallery space, all four artists really invested in the opportunity and each presented a substantial solo exhibition. 

SMFACA is really a winner takes all situation and I don't disagree with the judges decision. The tension was palpable before the announcement, weighted down by the sum of the prize winnings. Made me do some mathmatical pondering. Might a increased stipend, say $5000 each by nipping off some of the 50,000, therefore giving 25,000 for the winner. 








Sunday, 18 June 2017

Lynda Draper - The Other

This is the fourth solo exhibition from Lynda Draper at Gallerysmith (2008, 2010, 2014 & 2017). All shows expand on Lynda's metaphysical ponderings about the past and the present using objects as the vehicle for narrative. All exhibitions have feature her pursuit of differing sculptural expression and colour palette.  
In this show, The Other presents a fantasy space full of shiny creatures and objects, saccharine sweet but with and underlying and tangled melancholy. All hand-built in earthenware and glaze lustre.

25 May - 1 July 2017
170 Abbotsformd Street, North Melbourne 3051

Mary Mary

Mary Mary

Star Man

Tiara 1

Tiara 2

Cooked – a group show of contemporary ceramics

Andrei Davidoff, Dawn Vachon, Grace Brown, Kenny Pittock, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Susan Robey and Tai Snaith....