Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Steudle Clan - Berkheim

Here we are on our first day in Berkheim fresh off our flight all 30 hours of travel and welcome by our aunts and uncles and a spread of pretzels and small goods. 

Willi Umbeer, Hugo & Otto Steudle, Gretel Umbeer standing, Irene & Hans Steudle all feasting on the Umbeer terrace.

Huber Schreinerei (joinery/furniture) in Esslingen where Siggy did his training in the 1950s.

Pete Willi Otto and Hugo visiting the Berkheim Grund Schule (Primary School) now closing. Pete spent grade one and two here in the early 1970s.

26 Waldstrasse Berkheim where Siggy grew up. 

The extreme hill that terrified Pete as a youngster. It was conquered back in 1971 but is still scary.

Same hill tempted the younger Steudle's.
Berkheim Michaelis-Kirche the family church for weddings funerals, confirmations et al.

Berkheim Rathause & fountain.

View through Berkheim to the church
Pete's cousins Nina & Joachim Umbeer
Cousin Jonas Gerold at Canstatt Volksfest

Hugo with uncle Jurgen Steudle & cousin Betty Gerold in Waiblingen
Lunch at Waiblingen
Betty Gerold, Hugo Steudle, Gretel Umbeer, Otto Steudle, Jurgen Umbeer, Achim Gerold, Peter Steudle
Peter Steudle, Betty Gerold, Irene Steudle, Christine Gerold ne. Steudle & Hans Steudle
Farewell from the aunts and uncles: Irene & Hans Steudle, Willi Umbeer, Robyn Phelan, Hugo & Otto Steudle & Gretel Umbeer
At the Nellingen Kirbe Otto, Jurgen, Hugo & Peter Steudle
The hot chocolate that beat the boys:
Flo Backerei for buffet breakfast with Jurgen
Walking along the Neckar Canal, Esslingen 
Old US occupation signage still in Esslingen

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