Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Schlemmer def. to binge #1 Pfunds Molkerei

Said to be the most beautiful dairy shop in the world, one wonders who would be in competition with Pfunds Molkerei in Dresden.
Thanks to www for this bit of photo trickery. Photos verboten in the dairy.
Pfunds has been serving milk and milk products to the Dresden people since 1880. The boys and I treated ourselves to morning tea and while ordering discovered the word for bingeing or going on a spree: schlemmer.

Hugo ordered the Schlemmer Boot, Otto and I the cakes that Dresden is famous for, eine stuck eier torte & eine stuck quark torte. Both are baked cheesecake, one has a layer of custard. Yum.

Pfunds title is well deserved. The street level shop is covered with hand-painted ceramic tiles, cornice and columns, this is Dresden after all. Mostly, they feature blue patterning but many have pastoral scenes mostly including chubby children serenely doing chores with cows and goats. The whole effect I’m calling baroque hygiene.
The shot I would have taken...

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