Saturday, 26 October 2013

POTs POTs & POTs Warning - indulgent ceramics images to follow

Am pretty shabby at photo documentation so these captions are from memory.  
The following pots tickled my fancy either in their form, their museum display or history.

Neues Museum Roman 2nd Century-ish
Tee Service, 1925
Brohan Museum of Decorative Arts & Design (Art Noveau, Art Deco & Functionalism)

Brohan Museum 
Brohan Museum 
Domestic Roman Pottery, Neues Museum
Rare domestic Germanic pots c. 1300s, Deutscher Museum
KPM (Konigsliche Porzellan Manufaktur) WW1 Christmas collectors plate, Deutscher Museum
KPM (Konigsliche Porzellan Manufaktur) WW1 Commemorative ware, Deutscher  Museum

Austerity enamel ware from WW2, Deutscher Museum
Gorgeously subtle Josef Hoffman porcelain,  Pinotek Modern, Munich

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