Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Still - Tara Shackell

Could it be hewn from stone? What critical differences mark Tara Shackell's work in comparison to the many vessels being made in Melbourne using matt glazes over iron bearing clay?

Shackell acknowledges the primary referent of these glazes: the texture and colouring of stone. To reflect the vagaries of nature found in basalt, marble or slate, Shackell has created a nuanced palette of colouring. Catching my eye is the subtle rose quartz that blooms across the cylinder in the first image. 

Another point of difference is Shackell's nod to historic and universal vessel forms. A cylinder, bowl or a fluted bottle securely reside in this makers craft. Form is important to Shackell and she entitles her work with descriptors of what you see. Titles include 'Flared rim vase, deep pink' and 'Tall curved rim vase, iron grey'

I imagine, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott looking down and giving a wink of praise at Shackell's careful attention to the formal issues required in small grouping and in the larger nine piece panorama. Height, colour, lightness, darkness, opening & foot are in 'still' harmony. 

6-28 May 2017
Mr Kitly, Brunswick

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