Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Slice of Life

Craft goes pop in this exhibition at Craft, where a collection of artists present comments on food, consumption and all the stuff of everyday life. Objects are representational with a deliberate 'handmade-ness' or hyper-real. This is a good opportunity to compare how the past creative genres of West Coast Funk, Skangaroovian Funk or Nut Art can be reinterpreted or reinvented to question contemporary issues. 

Curated by the irrepressible Sofia Cai, she says of the exhibition:
The everyday is both universal yet also deeply personal, and it is in this interplay between collective experience and individual narrative that the works in this exhibition achieve their potency. 
The exhibition features works by Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Julie Burleigh, Scott Duncan, Phil Ferguson (Chili Philly), Katie Jacobs, Josephine Mead, Tricia Page, and Cat Rabbit. 

22 April - 27 May 2017

Craft, 33 Flinders Lane Melbourne

In a time of food styling to a point of fetishism,  Michelle Mounpraseuth notices the gross and  unhealthy elements of everyday consumption.

Katie Jacobs' scores a goal with trophy emblazoned with captions using vernacular sporting language 

Scott Duncan's Smoko rocket is an cracker.  Riffing off Margaret Dodd's ubiquitous  Holden Cars, the thermos is a quirky throw back to the 1980s and South Australia's Skangaroovian Funk via USA's west cost funk of the 1970s. 
Scott Duncan
Josephine Mead's video is redolent with art history reference to the female and vessel  as signifier.

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