Tuesday, 6 October 2015

10th Mildura Palimpsest

Mildura Arts Centre & Rio Vista 

2-5 October 2015

Murray River Punch  is one of Ely's most well known performances and a significant example of the Australia environmental art. The image following shows Ely's performance in Adelaide, near the mouth of the Murray in 1980. 
Murray River Punch, performance in Adelaide 1980
Murray River Punch, Ingredients, (1980), NGV collection

On a recent school holiday road trip, we stumbled upon the Palimpsest opening at Mungo Lakes & an exhibition of Ely's most recent work. 
Interior Decoration (Installation, 2013-2015) was part of this year's Palimpsest which explores the inter-generational effects of untreated post-traumatic stress disorder. Ely untilises family furniture (she grew up on a soldier settlement in Robinvale) and her father's WW2 military service experiences. The context of the house museum Rio Vista expands the domestic narratives of the objects that Ely has created. 

Family home of the Chaffey brothers. Famed for bringing California irrigation to the Murray River& regions. Rio Vista is now a splendid house museum adjoining the Mildura Art Gallery.

MASTER BEDROOM, Sewing Machine Gun.

BATHROOM, Mirror Mirror


NURSERY,  Baby Boy

HALLWAY, DUKW Cradle. Amphibious landing vehicles transported troops and supplies in PNG

WOOD PANELS, Tour of Duty Palestine, Watchtowers documented by following artist's father's Battalion service in Egypt and Israel. 

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