Tuesday, 17 March 2015

IRL: Tess, Jess & m8s

Mr Kitly
6 - 22 March 2015

As the title of this exhibition makes clear; this is a matey collection of handmade objects. 
The seemingly ad hoc arrangements reveal perfectly formed vignettes as one roams around the middle gallery of Mr Kitly.
M8s, matches & rhyming names all add to the sense that the maker may indeed be one entity rather than a gathering (irl) of potters, jewellers, photographers, assemblers, painters & drawers.
IRL is a breath of fresh , tangy air & I envy those who had the great fun of plinth & shelf-scaping these raw & engaging objects.

IRL are: Mr Kitly, Jessilla Rogers, Seb Brown, Tessy M King, Gussie Vinall Richardson, Elise Sheehan, Niamh Minogue

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