Friday, 21 February 2014

Melbourne Now - Participate Now

NGV's makeover as a new public-friendly, youthful, cool & open gallery is exemplified by the collaborative and participatory nature of many of the galleries.
Brand NGV encompasses everything as Melbourne Now spreads it's message throughout the two institutions at St Kilda Rd & Federations Square demanding to participate now!

'Gone are the days of the ‘moribund’ gallery. Now, in a gesture of direct democracy and horizontal structure, the institution is seeking to ‘let go of some of the control’, calling upon the public to ‘collaborate’ with them, and ‘participate’ in the ‘conversation’. 
Aodan Madden & Beth Rose Caird UN MAGAZINE 7.1

UN MAGAZINE 7.1 critique of the NGV's new direction is further fleshed out here in full:
Quote from this critical read:

Here are some of my family's favourite installations:

 Trugo - a game devised by rail workers in the inner city and unique to Melbourne. 
Designed by Tim Fleming & Phooey:

Such fun sitting in Meredith Turnbull's modernist sculpture and make a necklace:

Can't beat a chance to chuck things in a gallery:

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