Sunday, 23 February 2014

(K)Nighted - The White Night experience

Mixed feelings about White Night.

Seems to be a confusion about what the event is about.

Illuminations re-interpreting Melbourne's architectural & inner city landscape
a stay open all night extravaganza for cultural institutions.

It was an incredible experience being swept along with ½ million chilled & delighted people.
Rachmaninoff Live @ Hamer Hall was a wacky ironic treat.
(unbeknownst to us, the composers work had been recorded on pianola roll, this was played by an attendant, who earnestly introduced the event to a packed house, without a microphone then disappeared into a secret hole to the side of stage. He appeared moments later to replay the role and over and over again)
The facades NGV International boasted the bodies of the tattooed population both as decoration and figurative expression.
The stately madame Flinders Street Station was jazzed up with brilliant coloured projections.

Wanted to see so much more, too crowded, too much.

Those who waited the hours and hours for entries, you deserve a knighthood.

thanks Herald Sun for this shot

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