Saturday, 16 November 2019

Yuri Wiedenhofer


Current wood-fired ceramics by highly respected Artist Yuri Wiedenhofer
16 November - 1 December 2019Skepsi Gallery Malvern Artists’ Society Gallery
1297 High Street, Malvern Victoria

Wiedenhofer offers a range of vessels and poetic intriguing forms in this solo exhibition. 


Grateful that attending this exhibition and researching Yuri uncovered an amazing film entitled Looking For Clay by Tiwi Arts:

Robert Puruntatameri is a most talented and devoted potter. Robert inherited his skills from his well known father, Aboriginal potter Eddie Puruntatameri, who founded both the Tiwi Pottery on Bathurst Island and Pirlangimpi Pottery at Munupi Arts at Melville Island.
In the middle of 2013 Robert collaborated with Yuri Wiedenhofer, an old style potter from the hills of Canberra. For three weeks they gathered local earth materials and took them back into the studio to turn into something you can hold in your hands everyday.

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