Sunday, 25 August 2019

A finer grain: selected works from the SAM collection

Shepparton Art Museum
An exhibition drawn from the collection and the works that have caught my eye.

Sanné Mestrom
Dear Lizzy, 2015
 Bern Emmerichs
Mater Famillias, 2009

 Kirsten Coelho & Khai LIew
Toward the end of the day, 2012
Kris Coad
Introversive, 2001
Angela Valamanesh
Animal, Vegetable, MIneral, 2007-2008
Heather Walker
Watching, 1992

Jane Sawyer
Fluid Series - Bowl, 2003
Kate Tucker
Cutting 2

 Nancy Selvin
How to make a Ceramic Bowl, 2003

Alison Milyka Carroll - Ernabella Arts
Nagyuku Walka. 2014
 Barbara Tipton
Square Red & Rising, 1996

Janet Fieldhouse
Light Turtle Shells, 2007
Jenny Orchard
Vase, c. 1982

Penny Bryne
Not another landmine lamented Sallyanne, 2009

Gladys Rendell
Teapot, 1917

Marea Gazzard
Torso, 1970

Thanakupi GLoria Fletcher James 
Ceramic Sphere "Corrup the kangaroo and man and woman yam", 1989
Bronwyn Kemp
Black white, not dated
Margaret Dodd
Eat Me, 1972
Joan Dickson Grounds
Untitled Teapot, 1972
Penny Smith
Nine Piece Tea Set, 1985
Pamela Irving
Groom waiting for his bride to show up, c. 1991

Joan Campbell
Raku Form, not dated

Sandra Taylor
Tallowood AFter Burnoff, 1987
Toni Warburton
Oracle, c. 1984

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