Friday, 22 March 2019

NGV Porcelain - SO - IL Viewing China

SO - Il, (Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu) and white porcelain objects from the NGV’s Decorative Arts Collection, ranging from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, hard & soft paste objects from China, France Britain and Germany.

National Gallery of Victoria (International), Federation Forecourt March 2019

SO -Il say:

Through the organisation of colour, form and material, we seek to reduce the object-ness of the individual pieces … It is about a transition from object to experience, and the power of architecture to act as a mediator in that process.

Congratulations again to NGV who have again championed ceramics & porcelain in a large public installation in their main court of NGV. This porcelain experience could be more different from the 'hallowed darkened halls' of the permanent collection room design. 

Try as I might, i cannot pick a Mennecy from a Meissen but the experience is not meant to be like an episode from Antiques Warehouse. Instead the dichroic prisms sharpen the focus, highlight the brilliance of porcelain and the plinth height and full-strength natural light reveals every delightful detail from these Baroque & skilled modellers of clay.

Johann Joachine Kändler, modeller
Pair of Parrots 1738
hard paste porcelain
from the Meissen Porcelain Factory

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