Thursday, 8 November 2018

Shepparton Art Gallery

2018 Indigenous Ceramic Award

25 August - 11 November 2018
Coordinating Curator: Belinda Briggs

Jan Goongaja Griffiths, The Horse Breaker

Jock Puantjimi, Milimika & Bird Pole (Bima)

Penny Evans, Because You Swallowed It Hook Line and Sinker

Janet Fieldhouse, Confluence Scarification Hybrid Series

Dean Cross, Monuments, 2016-ongoing

Intimate Realities - Recent works from the SAM Collection 

Heather B Swann
Vanilla, 2013, water, pipes, muslin, paper, binder, ink pigment, marble dust
I see you, 2015, Vocals Astrid Connelly, Audio-visual Thomas Green

Naomi Eller, 
Standing single weight, 2017, various clay, stoneware and wax on wooden plinth 

Paul Wood, 
Untitled IV, 2010, re-fired ceramic & glass

Jus Kitson, 
Its All Embracing Boundless-ness, no II, 2015-2016, Southern Ice Porcelain, Jingdezhen Porcelain, Merino wool, and rabbit pelt

Nici Cumpston, 
Mulyawongk, Whroo Rushworth State Forest, 2013, inkjet print & pencil

John Perceval, 
Delinquent Angel, 1961, glazed stoneware

Other SAM Ceramic Treats

Dr Gloira Thancoupie James, 
Totem Pole, undated, stoneware with oxide decoration

 Rupert Jack,
Maku Maku 111, 2016, stoneware, sgradito

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