Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Object Narratives

First Site Gallery
RMIT University, Melbourne

29 August - 7 September 2018

Featuring students from RMIT Ceramics who are investigating how the ceramic object can tell a story, reveal an event, portray a character or reflect on a piece of text. 

Rory Young, Glare, porcelain 
Annabelle Stonehouse, Organism, stoneware, organic material
Emma Clark, Untitled, stoneware

Adrian Nelson, Rebirth Through Fire, stoneware

Anni Hapberg, Connections, porcelain, sisal

Leanne Marshall, After the Fire, porcelain

Kelly Greenhalgh, Embrace, stoneware
Kristin Burgham, Colour Play, porcelain

Nikolina Brown, Precious, stoneware, textile
Nicole Cocsis, Circle of Fifths, stoneware 

Charles Buckner, The Winners,  stoneware


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