Sunday, 29 April 2018

To Market To Market....

Markit + BakeSale

Sunday 22 April 2018Atrium & Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square, 10am–5pm

86 independent designers and 6 local food icons, all under one roof at Melbourne's Federation Square.
A sunny afternoon stroll to catch up with old friends and see new makers continuing to explore the rustic, iron spotted possibilities of clay and excited by some makers using clay in unique and personal ways to make affordable and desirable objects. 

Ever- amazing Sandra Bowkett, whose wood fired work keeps getting more subtly beautiful. 

Deft and desirable Rara Studios 

www.minpindesign you made me smile - thank you selling for scent with oil & incense burners
Urban Cartel continues with finely slip cast and immensely useable vessels in coloured porcelain

Katherine Wheeler translates her whimsical drawings into equally whimsical ceramic objects. This translation is about forma and texture not just about illustration and surface decoration. applies lively kitty cat cuteness to adorable handmade ceramics

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