Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fresh! ...still after 25th years


Watson Place Melbourne

3rd February - 10 March 2018 


Ana Petidis | Anna Dunnill | Ashleigh Jessup | Brooke Coutts-Wood | Cassandra Prinzi | Dannielle Faran | Jess Merlo | Josephine Mead | Madeleine Thornton-Smith | Michelle Stewart | Nigel Vogler | Seala Lokollo Evans | Te' Claire

This is the first Fresh! at the new Craft venue.
Fresh! continues to be a exhibition where the question of 'what is craft?' can me fleshed out  using a selection of graduate works from all disciplines from the 2017 academic year. I love to see what themes can be teased out each year.

Congrats to Craft for continuing to pull this show together each year. 


The expression of the material qualities of an object is a priority when crafting and object. The Zeit Geist is for material expression. 

Brooke Coutts-Wood 

Gabriel, 2017
Sandpaper, linen thread.

Tensions betweens precious and non-precious materials for jewellery. Application of abrasive tools and delicate non-functional objects. Focus on the quality of sandpaper; how it tears, how it reveals grains, how it bends. 

Ana Petidis
Spring from Revision, 2017
100% Australian Superfine Merino Wool Hand Dyed

Shear, spin, weave; the purity and mastery of crafting fabric. Reminding us the power of wool when it is manufactured in Australia.

Madeleine Thornton-Smith
Reinventing the Medium, 2017
stained paper clay, paper-mâché, stained plaster, earthenware glaze, earthenware, acrylic spray paint, wooden board, stained acrylic render.

Thornton-Smith challenges the prescience of material use in visual arts. What materials can be used for object, sculpture, support, maquette or painting blends into an array of non-binary outcomes. Soft or hard? Paster or clay. Wet or dry. Art or supports?

Of The Body

Tè Claire
Soft and Hard, from Concenting Flesh series, 2017
clay, stains, silicon, human hair, linen, cotton, polyester

Tè Claire presents the body in abject parts. Ambiguously human or animal these forms trigger feelings of anxiety and raise issues around the flesh such as fetish, violence, abuse and death.


Anna Dunhill

Altar Piece #2, 2017
Linen, yarn. embroidery, glazed stoneware beads, found beads

Dunhill uses sensitive and subtle materials to reference and symbolise actions  and garments where the body and religious ritual meet. Tattoo, stigmata, veil, shroud, vestment & swaddling.


Nigel Vogler
The Blue Bastard, 2017
100% wool
Can I love wool any more...loads of references to military uniforms, the expression of garment crafting and tailoring.


Josephine Mead

Curved Support Frame (Just Holding Up), 2017
Tasmanian aok, glue, dowel, screw, wood putty, wax, felt, sand, plastic sheeting, cotton thread, photographs

Generational reflections: an investigation into acts of self-care (part 1 & 2 ), 2017
Inkject print (created from scanned film photograph) on 310gsm Ilford smooth pearl paper. Framed in custom made Tasmanian oak frame.

A delicately made wooden sculpture directs one's view to two framed images. This quiet and gentle installation reminds us all of the inescapable progression of the human body using intimate images of youth, ageing and fragility. 


Seala Lokollo-Evans

Offering to My Other Side, 2017
buff raku clay, glazes

These hand assembled vessels require a significant physical embrace and the attuned, supportive balance of the maker's body.  Such a strong understanding of both the inside and outside of a vessels. 

Cassandra Prinzi | The Future Leaders Award 
Nigel Vogler & Seala Lokollo Evans | Sofitel Melbourne on Collins Award
Brooke Coutts-Wood | Pieces Of Eight Award
Michelle Stewart |  Frankie Magazine Award
Seala Lokollo Evans | Craft Retail Developement Award
$500 cash prize plus professional development session with Melanie Katsalidis.
Judged by: Melanie Katsalidis, Gallery Director
FRANKIE magazine
Online interview or feature which will be promoted through social media plus a prize pack including subscription and products.
Judged by:  Sophie Kalagas, Frankie Editor
The Future Leaders Award 
A philanthropic initiative promoting leadership, achievement and potential among young Australians. Cash prize of $1000.
Judged by:  Dr Helen Sykes AM
CRAFT Retail Development Award
Professional development sessions and opportunity to be showcased within the Craft retail space and exhibition program. 
Judged by: Sarah Weston, Retail and Business Developer at Craft Victoria

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