Saturday, 10 June 2017

Bec Smith - Peach Bloom

This brief exhibition was a feast for the senses. Bec uses a feather-light pinching technique, creating egg-shell thin vessels that seem to float above the plinth. Surfaces create a haptic desire to caress.

Often surfaces are 'iced', 'sugared' and 'glazed' with what temptingly looks like edible material. 
Part of this exhibition could be consumed, with floor plinths dusted with sugar and little piles of sugared rose petals to delight the tongue.

A ceramic oil diffuser filled the exhibition space with caramel or fudge smells - delicious. 

A clearly articulated exhibition exploring the relationship between food, vessels, blossom and sense of touch and taste from this recent RMIT graduate.

8-10 June 2017 (Fours days only!)

Guild of Objects

Meet Bec Smith with this interview here

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