Monday, 20 March 2017

Andrei Davidoff Patina - New Work

Like a painters drop sheet and the end of its worthy use, this series of classical vessels are laden with dense layers coloured splashes and drips.  

Andrei Davidoff has emptied his glaze buckets in a chaotic but deliberate frenzy.  Pulling together a conceptual context for each pot with the use of decals and lustre brushwork. Titles such as After Olsen or Pantone Smash are fun and directive. With such large surfaces to explore, the opportunity to be visually provocative or add more layers of meaning has been missed.

Mr Kitly
381 Sydney Road
Generic Decoration, 2017 ceramic, stoneware glazes, earthenware glazes, glass' decals, gold lustre. Multiple firings.

Corn Row Cup, 2016 ceramics stoneware glazes, earthenware glazes, glass, decals, gold lustre. Mulitple firings.

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