Sunday, 27 November 2016

RMIT Ceramics Graduate Exhibition

Object Based Practice

RMIT Building 4 Basement (Ceramics Studio)

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Exciting EOY exhibition by RMIT ceramics students. Impressive range of conceptual interests and ways of working with clay displayed here.

See-Mum Soo I Seek for Sanctuary, 2016 stoneware, porcelain, cord

Lucy Mactier, Various Envies,  2016 stoneware

Lucy Mactier, The Landscape of Love,  2016 stoneware

Samantha O'Farrell Freak Show1, Humanoid,  2016 eathernware

Alexandra Casey Glory, 2016 Southern Ice Porcelain, gold & silver lustre

Rebecca Smith Spring 2016 porcelain, sugar, jasmine, rose petals, egg whites, paper, gouache, copper, enamel

Janice Ng Identity Revealed  2016 porcelain

Tao Delves Untitled 2016 stoneware

Te Claire Series 1-11 2016 earthenware, underglaze, human hair, gouache, wood, glass, latex

Te Claire Torso & Fly 2016 earthenware, glaze, human hair, fly, latex, wax, cotton

Eva Giannoulidis Wallflower 2016 stonewarwe

Also part of the RMIT graduate night is Masters student Lesley Walsh
Lesley Walsh From One State To Another: From Disorder to Renewal

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