Sunday, 3 May 2015

Nearness: Anna Varendorff & Kim Jaegar

Mr Kitly
17 March - 3 May 2015

Approximately once a month Andrew Basement sends out his latest blog entry: Past Imperfect, the art of inventive repair. Historical ceramics that have suffered a major injury are carefully & creatively cajoled into service again with the addition of metal rivets, straps & wires. An ingenious metal worker performs the miracle of putting 'humpty back together again'.

Anna Varendorff & Kim Jaeger's recent exhibition Nearness at Mr Kitly reminds me of the intimate collaboration that Past Imperfect blog celebrates. Similarly Varendorff''s brass wire and ribbon plays the supportive role, acknowledging ceramic weight & its dodgy ability to stand sturdily unless flat bottomed. Varendorff's brass additions also add to the whimsy by framing the assemblage, adding angel-like hallows or caliper-like suports to Jaeger's 'disabled' figures. Known for her Pot Heads range, Jaegar's hapless figures seem curiously happy with their lot in life. The ceramic colour scheme beautifully compliments Varendorff's brass.

I enjoy that this exhibition had the process of collaboration at the creative heart of these assemblages. Neither clay nor metal would be complete without its buddy-material near to complete it. Nearness makes a 'ponderance' of what came first, the vessel from the kiln then the metal to enfold, I imagine!

Jo & Alex

Serena & Luca


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