Saturday, 2 August 2014

Big Ceramics

Big Ceramics
Federation Square
curated by Jane Scott the recently appointed CEO & Artistic Director of Craft.

Artitst included: Robert Baron / Kris Coad / David Ray / Andrei Davidoff / Janetta Kerr-Grant / Fiona Hiscock / Owen Rye / Vipoo Srivilasa / Mark Stoner / Jane Sawyer / Jill Symes
The quality of big-ness or scale in the chosen works is assumed by lack of domestic scale pottery represented. The vessel remains a dominant presence in all but Kris Coad's work. Kris' flagstone's mimic the plaza of Federation Square just outside the gallery door, a connection that is difficult to link in the works location.


It was certainly a treat to see so many accomplished potters in the heart of Melbourne's cultural district, Federation Square. Jane brought together well-established, large-scale workers such as Mark Stoner & Robert Barron with a newer breed of muscle-flexers, Andrei Davidoff. 

Janetta Kerr Grant, Fiona Hiscok, Jill Symes & Jane Sawyer's work highlighted the brilliant range of surface decoration available to the skilled, observant potter.

Vipoo Srivilasa presented the type of participatory work that he is known & loved for. The image here has a week's worth of additions in blue & white plasticine.

In the exhibition brief, Scott talks about influences of contemporary & international trends in the use of the ceramic process. Missing in BIG CERAMICS are the exciting explorations into ceramics process by these international artist: Marek Cercula-esque site specific works, De Waal-like use of multiple, mass and weight, Anton Reijnders-ish mixed media sculptures, Clare Twomey-inspired negotiations with museum culture or the use of over-scaled figures as in Akio Takamori. I have fingers crossed in hope for CRAFT's next foray into contemporary ceramics which I suggest could be called BIGGER CERAMICS. An exhibition where time would allow for more far reaching research and response to contemporary Australian ceramics. 

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