Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Our trip to Germany: the difference in scale

The view from our loft room in Esslingen, thanks to Frank & Airbnb looking towards the Burg and vineyards covering the hill. In Australia one or two vapor trails is a beautiful site, on arrival here the sky is full of calligraphic lines.

30 hours of travel, door to door, North Melbourne to Germany. We are greeted by our  aunts & uncles Gretel & Willi, Irene & Hans, and of course, traditional Swarbisch fare.  Huge bretzels, so doughy on the curve and cruchy through the knot and said to made to view the sky "three times".

The fachwerk house with our loft rooms nestled into the roof line.

Skating unter der brucke on the Neckar River. An 'awesome' skate park for its size, variety of ramps, grinds, bowls & plaza area. 

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