Saturday, 14 March 2020

Keith Haring - Pots!

Crossing Lines
National Gallery of Victoria - International
1 December 2019 - Covid-19

Alana Wilson

Three Artist Forms, Colours (with focus on Alana)
The Reading Room
14 March 2020 

Lene Kuhl Jakobsen

What We Know Now24 February - 28 March 2020

The consequences of climate change and the prescient effects it causes to food production is of worldwide concern. What We Know Now seeks to convey how to produce such as fruit will be affected. Many farming areas are experiencing the effects of rising temperatures; fruits are drying out and spoiling before ripening. Other areas are being inundated by flooding events or rising sea levels, damaging the crops and exposing them to fungal diseases. It is predicted that if the average temperature increase is not limited to 2 degrees our food security could be under threat. The usual colours and taste of fruit may then only resign in our memory.

‘What We Know Now’ is a chapter heading (used with permission) from the novel ‘Things We Didn’t See Coming’ by author Steven Amsterdam.

Lene will donate $10 from the sale of each work to
Lene Kuhl Jakobsen is an award-winning Melbourne-based ceramicist. Having grown up in Denmark, Jakobsen studied ceramics at an Art and Craft School, followed by work at production pottery in Copenhagen. After spending a year in Norway at a ceramics studio, Jakobsen moved to Melbourne where she now has a home studio with an electric kiln. Jakobsen makes a wide range of functional works as well as sculptural exhibition pieces. She has exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally.


Gallery Funaki
10 March - 9 April 2020

Cara Johnson 

Wood Duck, Hollow

Maureen Faye-Chauhan

A lament for the know and unknown

Lisa Waup


Maree Clarke

River Reed, 2020

Kyoko Hashimoto

Coal Necklace

Inari Kiuru

I remember forest


Anna Schwartz Gallery

14 March 2020 (last day before shutdown...)

Including titles such as:

Snakeloop Flat Drop
Fall Measure
Empty Sculpture
Mobius and I 
Collapsed Line
Tear Flat Drop

Mikala Dwyer


Anna Schwartz Gallery

March 2020

Titles include:
Snakeloop Flat Drop
Fall Measure
Empty Sculpture
Mobius and I 
Tear Flat Drop


Craft 16 November 2020 - 30 January 2021 (with a 'soft eye' on ceramics) Inside presents a maximalist celebration of contemporary c...