Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Glenn Barkley

doitdoit26 September - 21 October 2017

Quotes from the artist floor talk
Every potter need their own version of 'garlic bread' to sell
Work quickly

Garden garniture, 2017 earthenware

Glenn gives a generous and witty talk to RMIT Ceramics students.
It's Ok Plate, 2017 earthenware 24 x 8.5 x 7.5cm $550

Thursday, 23 November 2017

RMIT Honours & MFA Graduate Exhibition

23 November - 7 December 2017

Building 4, RMIT, Melbourne

Really impressive range of recent graduates chewing over how the material of clay and the process of ceramics can inform a artistic outcome.

Graduate students are:

Holly McDonald

Sarah Austin

Magdalena Dmowska

Pie Bolton

Samantha O'Farrell

Heather Latham

Té Claire


 Madeline Thornton-Smith

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

RMIT Graduate Ceramics 2017

Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts - Ceramics

22 November - 1 December 2017
Building 4 (Ceramics) RMIT

Nine RMIT ceramics graduate students exhibition boasts nine independent expressions of artistic practice with the ceramic process. 

Caelen Blake

Titles include: 
Asphalt, Power Point, Industrial Totem, Hang Me Out to Dry, Brick by Brick

Brigitte Bordourian

Titles include: 
Oni Genie, Blue Umbrella, Upset Hills, Marshmellow Children, Floating Tiles 

Yeonjae Choi

Titles include: 
Escapism, Look I Feel Smaller, Closer

Bonnie Ke
Sewing with Clay

Lucinda Kirkby

Botanical Exchanges

Seala Lokollo-Evans

Titles include: Boat Offering, Boat Vessel 

Kari Lee McInneny-McRae

Titles include:
That carpet is itching my bare skin, The radish seeds he handed me, handfuls of sand, My bare skin, Circular movements 

Tania Quinlan

Titles include: Vestige Receptacles, Garniture, Still Life 

Tessa Wallis

Titles include:
Talking Hands, Quirky Creatures; Leafy Sea Dragon, Lyrebird Vessels


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