Saturday, 23 November 2019

Anna Rowbury


Bayside Gallery, Brighton Town Hall
16 November - 16 December 2019

Vestige explores the fragmented nature of memory and history through an evocative installation incorporating ceramic objects and painting. (From the catalogue)

Rowbury eloquently presents a series of wall hanging and table-based forms that speak to a passion for particular surface quality. The artist is trained in both painting and ceramics. Her ceramic closed vessels and angular timber boxes express a painterly effect that conjures time aged materials such as frescoes
There is a sense of nostalgic reference to the efforts of human-construction. Cogs, spindles, screws and bolts are conjured from clay into sculptures that defy scale and reference remnant detritus from the industrial revolution. These things acknowledge mechanisation but also the human hand. Rowbury's boxes reference sections of architecture representing a model for a plinth, column or cornice. 

It is no surprise that Rowbury has just returned from Venice; her colour palette could have been washed and buffed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea.   


Saturday, 16 November 2019

Yuri Wiedenhofer


Current wood-fired ceramics by highly respected Artist Yuri Wiedenhofer
16 November - 1 December 2019Skepsi Gallery Malvern Artists’ Society Gallery
1297 High Street, Malvern Victoria

Wiedenhofer offers a range of vessels and poetic intriguing forms in this solo exhibition. 


Grateful that attending this exhibition and researching Yuri uncovered an amazing film entitled Looking For Clay by Tiwi Arts:

Robert Puruntatameri is a most talented and devoted potter. Robert inherited his skills from his well known father, Aboriginal potter Eddie Puruntatameri, who founded both the Tiwi Pottery on Bathurst Island and Pirlangimpi Pottery at Munupi Arts at Melville Island.
In the middle of 2013 Robert collaborated with Yuri Wiedenhofer, an old style potter from the hills of Canberra. For three weeks they gathered local earth materials and took them back into the studio to turn into something you can hold in your hands everyday.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Yhonnie Scarce

1600 hand-blown black glass murnong (yams) 

The internal voids of the tower are adorned with 1600 hand-blown black glass murnong (yams) Intended by Yhonnie Scarce to represent oil from fish or eels, water, medicinal sap from trees, fish and leeches, and the metaphorical mapping of waterways and stars. A landscape of Kangaroo grass, murnong and basalt surrounding the tower, referencing to long traditions of tool making, construction, and extensive and sophisticated agricultural production.

In Absence, 2019

murnong (yams) 

The fifth annual NGV Architecture Commission In Absence is a collaboration between contemporary artist and Kokatha and Nukunu women Yhonnie Scarce and Melbourne architecture studio Edition Office.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Victorian Craft Award - the ceramic issue!

Craft Victoria
Watson Place, Melbourne

19 October - 30 November 2019

A really handsome and spacious presentation of 51 selected members of Craft. Congratulations to curator Chlöe and Craft staff for pulling this together. 

Award for Excellence 

(Recognising the highest achievement in creativity, innovation and design across media. Supported by the Bowness Family Foundation.)

Delighted to cheer the Award for Excellent given to David Ray for his baroquely decorated soup turin. 
Upon acceptance of his award, David took the microphone to remind us all that Australia continues to be in denial of our genocidal history and that this work highlights the lie that Australia Day celebrates. 

David Ray, Impact, 2018, earthenware

Ceramic works also featured:

Jan Vogelpoel, Shadow and Ghost, Scarva & earthenware

Chris Plumridge, Creativity stone, porcelain, original glazes

Jane Sawyer, Planetary: Gas Giant #1, ceramic

Sally Kent, Pods, porcelain

Vanessa Lucas, Placid vases, porcelain

Garry BIsh, Dark Cathedral, ceramic slip cast

Alan Constable, Not titled (telescope), earthenware, glaze

Magdalena Dmowska, Oblivious, ceramic

Cassie Leatham, Women On Country, pipeclay, river reeds, ema fat, ochre, sinew

Dawn Tang, Sunset - Pink Glow, porcelaneous stoneware, colour slips, glaze

kate Brouwer, Kaiketsu Vase, stoneware clay & glaze

Yoko Ozawa, Tsutusmareru - Surrounded, stoneware, porcelain, glaze

Michaela Pegrum, Mutual Bloom, silk, copper, terracotta, wood ash 

Honorary inclusion for the wonder of these enameled and rusted surfaces, eloquent vessels and refined rims. 

Katrina Tyler, Urban Vessels, oxidised copper, enamel paint

Rosie Gunzburg, Stitch, mild steel, enamel, brass

Inari Kiuru, Blink (a thought about time), mild steel, enamel, glass, aluminium, glass, human ashes, paint, iron, patine, wax, magnets. 


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