Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bangkok - it's all about water

Chao Prahaya River on way to Asiatique Night Market

Watching catfish on Chao Prahaya in front of Anantara Resort
 Klong Tour 

Wat Arun

Pool at Anantara Resort

Mocktails 'Choco Cocolada'

'Riverside Dream'

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bangkok -Bitey Critters

Sucker Fish, Asiantique Nightmarket, Bangkok
 Snake Farm at Thai Red Cross Venom Institute, Bangkok

Feeding turtles in Wat Pra Yoon


Saturday, 26 October 2013

What to wear to a battle

With a family of three blokes, armour, weaponry, war stories always goes down well and Berlin does war so well. Here's some flicks from our museum wanderings.

Easy in and tricky out. Hugo in replica chain mail at the Deutscher Museum, Berlin
Steudle blokes agog.

The Napoleon's Tricorn Hat, spurs and sword. Confiscated after his loss at Waterloo, Deutscher Museum
Deutscher Museum
Turkische Cammer, Dresden

POTs POTs & POTs Warning - indulgent ceramics images to follow

Am pretty shabby at photo documentation so these captions are from memory.  
The following pots tickled my fancy either in their form, their museum display or history.

Neues Museum Roman 2nd Century-ish
Tee Service, 1925
Brohan Museum of Decorative Arts & Design (Art Noveau, Art Deco & Functionalism)

Brohan Museum 
Brohan Museum 
Domestic Roman Pottery, Neues Museum
Rare domestic Germanic pots c. 1300s, Deutscher Museum
KPM (Konigsliche Porzellan Manufaktur) WW1 Christmas collectors plate, Deutscher Museum
KPM (Konigsliche Porzellan Manufaktur) WW1 Commemorative ware, Deutscher  Museum

Austerity enamel ware from WW2, Deutscher Museum
Gorgeously subtle Josef Hoffman porcelain,  Pinotek Modern, Munich


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